• Jan

    New Web Site!

    Category: News Letter

    Critter Visits is on the threshold of turning TWO! Okay...well, that's two in dog-years. In people-years, this March marks our 11th year! We are honored to be part of the journey with you, from the wild, wiggly puppy phase, through the golden days of your Golden's gaze.
    A lot has happened over the past 11 years, not the least of which is the unveiling of our new website. We hope you'll visit the site for fun facts, safety tips, and ideas on dog-friendly hot-spots. (Sometimes "hot spots" can actually be fun for your dog!)
    We encourage you to provide feedback, suggestions, pet-related experiences, etc. Pictures of your pets are always welcome and may be added to our site, so check back often to see your little star!

    Know of a great...

    Pet treat recipe?
    Favorite pet toy?
    Wonderful pet-friendly place to visit?
    Let us know and we may feature your idea in the next installment of our blog! We support small business! Tell us about your small business and we will spread the word.

  • dec

    Merry Christmas

    Category: News Letter

    Donations are needed for Metrowest pet pantry in Millis
    New statistics show that one in six American families are struggling to make ends meet and now rely on Food Banks as their only source of food. Sadly, these stats make no mention of how many pet family members are also affected by this economic down turn.
    Our mission is to keep pets and their families together through times of economic difficulties. We temporarily provide low/no cost food and supplies to pet owners in need, and encourage them to volunteer their time or skills to the pantry in order to help other owners in need.
    Critter Visits will pick up donations for them. Please arrange a pickup by sending an email to Please visit their website

  • Oct

    October News

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    Hello All, As I sit with the dogs cuddled next to me on this Blustery rainy day, (hurricane Sandy is gently upon us) I can't help but be thankful for the little comforts of home. I hope you are all safe, dry and with power, and have the pups and cats close by.
    It has been a very long time since I have sent out a news letter. There are Many reasons for this, however I am bound and determined to get back on a regular -news -letter writing-schedule.
    Many of you know that we have a few new employees, Joanne, Linda and Donna. We are so thrilled to have all of them on our team. We are so very lucky to have such amazing people to help us care for all of your pets. Stay safe in the storm and enjoy of whats left of fall.
    -Carin and Scott

  • Mar

    Spring Time!

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    What a crazy winter and a beautiful couple of weeks we are having. I do love the sunshine but boy do we need the water. Every day we get to spend with your Pets is a good day for us!

    TICK SEASON IS UPON US Because of the mild winter and early onset of spring the parasites could be bad this year. Check early and often for fleas and ticks. If your dog or cat is not not acting right, it wouldn't hurt to get a Lyme test or a full tick panel at your veterinarian to make sure they are disease free. Here is some info on Ticks to check out...

    Critter Visits turns 10!!!
    In 2002 I needed a change. I was training dogs full time and was searching for new ways to share my love and experience with animals. I decided to fall back on my enjoyment of the outdoors and walking dogs. We now have a wonderful team of people and are growing every year. I can not believe it has not been 10 years! Time flies when your having fun and living your dreams.