Who We Are?

My name is Carin Cohen, and in 2002 I started Critter Vists to live out my dream of working with animals and being in the fresh air all day. Lots of my customers and friends want to know how I turned my passion for animals into a career, so I thought I'd share that with you. I started watching the neighbor's dog in high school, and during that time I volunteered at the largest no kill shelter in the country, The North Shore Animal League in New York. Before long my volunteer work turned into a paying job that I loved...

In 1988 I learned to train dogs for the show ring and for basic family obedience. Subsequently I attended college in Massachusetts and majored in "Animal Care", completing courses in kennel management, pet nutrition, grooming, basic first aid and animal health and structure.

Over the next several years I managed a large warehouse type pet supply store and ran a small country pet supply and grooming shop. I got back to dog training full time for 5 years, then decided to move forward and do what I love best, caring for pets.

The one thing that has always stayed constant throughout my many years in the pet industry, is pet sitting. In 2002 I joined Pet Sitters International, I got insured and bonded, and after 15 plus years of experience with all kinds of pets, Critter Visits was born.

I have also had experience assisting veterinarians with all kinds of pets ranging from pet rats, cats, snakes, turtles, dogs, sheep, cattle, horses and the occasional chicken.

Carin Cohen, Owner

Carin lives with three dogs. Her love of animals started at a young age, when she started volunteering at a local animal shelter. She started training dogs while she was in college majoring in Animal Care, including courses in kennel management, pet nutrition, grooming and animal healthcare. She worked as a veterinarian technician, and also ran several pet-oriented retail stores before she realized the need for reliable pet care and created Critter Visits in 2002.

Scott Jacqeus, Owner/Trainer

Scott is a father who lives with three dogs and a wonderful woman. He found he had a natural talent for working with dogs and left behind ownership of a local game store to learn from numerous classes, seminars, and workshops how to hone his skills, techniques, and understanding of canine behavior and training. He finds joy in earning a living spending time outdoors with dogs and changing the lives of families for the better by helping them to problem solve behavior issues with their dogs.

Melissa Beagle

Melissa, who lives with two dogs, a cat and a rabbit, is a dedicated, passionate animal lover. She left the financial sector to pursue her love of animals. She has over 30 years of pet-related experience, including having worked in horse barns, dog kennels and animal hospitals.

Ellen Kava

Ellen grew up with dogs, birds and hamsters. Having worked in the corporate world and child-care, she relishes the fact that her job combines both her love of animals and the outdoors. She lives in Franklin with her husband and son along with her small rescue dog Kalen, and recently lost her Shadow; a special needs Black Labrador Retriever.

Sarah Del Mastro

Sarah has been a pet sitter since she was old enough to work a can opener and tall enough to reach the kitchen sink! She graduated quickly from feeding family pets to taking care of her first neighborhood clients, subsequently managing horses at her local barn, volunteering as a dog trainer at her local dog training center, and providing a temporary foster home for animals in need via various animal rescue groups . Even while exploring a career path teaching computer software and systems, she was relied upon by family, friends, colleagues and neighbors to provide reliable, loving, quality care to their pets. Working with Critter Visits since 2008, Sarah now brings that same care and attention to Critter Visits clients in Norfolk and surrounding towns.

Donna Derdiarian

Donna has always been an avid animal lover. She can’t remember a time in her life when she didn't have a pet. She worked as an Executive Administrator for many years, until she decided she needed a change. Donna took some time off, looked for another office position, but nothing really interested her. In the meantime she did pet sitting in her own home for family & friends, which she still does on occasion. When the opportunity to work with Carin presented itself she jumped at it. Some of her interests other than spending time with her animal friends include cooking, gardening & home decorating. She lives with her wonderful husband & is the proud Mom & Stepmom of four grown children along with their sweet Border Collie Tasha.

Renee Weber

Renee a loving mother of two,lives with a Golden Doodle a cat and a hamster. Renee was raised surrounded by animals and has always had multiple pets. Her love for animals brought her to Critter Visits. She loves the outdoors and spending her days caring for her clients pets.

Shawn Denning

Shawn has lived with animals all his life, cats and dogs mostly with some other critters in between. He is familiar with giving many different kinds of medical treatment. He feels every animal he has ever met or owned is so unique and special he never finds himself bored with them. People love their pets, and being able to share in that love is amazing for Shawn. Every critter he meets has a new story to tell, a new personality to discover, and most importantly, new friend to be made.

Joseph Duda

Joseph has been an animal lover for as long as he can remember. He and his family rescued 2 greyhounds which they had for 13 years. They now have a 4 year old Lurcher. Growing up Joseph also had birds, fish, and a Guinea Pig. Joseph has been dog sitting for 6 years before joining Critter Visits and loves nothing more than spending quality time alongside man’s best friend.